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Football and Cheer Registration is open!! We are so excited to open the 2020 season registration!! As you walk through the registration this year, there are different pricing options for not only football players but cheerleaders as well. The price will depend on whether you are a returning player/cheerleader, for football whether you need jerseys or not, cheerleader whether you need new uniform or not as well as a la carte options. We worked hard to design different options this year depending on the status of the player/cheerleaders needs such as discount for new players to come try out the league, whether new jerseys/uniforms are needed, and adjust their package options accordingly.

You will then have the option to checkout and pay online or to pay in full when you attend the in person fitting that is required as well to enroll in football/cheer. You will need to be paid in full by June 14th at the latest- please keep in mind there is a $25 late fee assessed for any payments received after June 1st for football which will need to be paid as well by June 14th. Cheer cut off is June 1st, they will accept payments until June 7th with a $25 late fee. 

Football fittings have already been set and are listed on website- there are 3 options of days to attend- 1 in April, May, and June. Again, you will be required to attend 1 of these 3 days or you will not be able to play/cheer in the 2020 season. We will also be posting the cheer fitting dates as they are not the same as the football fitting dates. 

Looking forward to a great season!!!! 

Hello Panther Families,

2020 Football/Cheer season is already underway!!!  Even though we know several other sports are just starting for some families- the LMYFC executive board has been putting in  work and having monthly meetings in order to gear up for the upcoming season!!!  Online registration will open Sunday March 1st at 4pm, please help spread the word and get everyone signed up as early as possible! WE ARE OFFERING FREE LEAGUE FEES FOR NEW PLAYERS WHO HAVE NOT PLAYED FOR LMYFC!!! We want to encourage new players to come try football!! 

Football costs will be:

-Returning player that does NOT need new jerseys- $125

-Returning player that needs new jerseys- $200

-New player that has NOT played for LMYFC $75

  1. Practices will begin in mid-July.
  2. All coaches are USA Football certified and must pass a background check.
  3. Little Miami Youth Football will compete in the GCYFL (Greater Cincinnati Youth Football League).

Football fitting dates are scheduled, remember you MUST attend one of the in-person fittings.

  1. 1st fitting is Sunday April 26th 2020 from 11am-3pm

                Location: Salem Township-Morrow Firehouse

                5270 US 22&3, Morrow, OH 45152

  1. 2nd fitting is Sunday May 17th 2020 from 11am-3pm

                Location: Salem Township-Morrow Firehouse

                5270 US 22&3, Morrow, OH 45152

          FINAL FOOTBALL FITTING- June 14th 2020 from 11a-3pm at Salem Township Morrow Firehouse-- ALL FOOTBALL FEES MUST BE PAID BY THIS DATE OR YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 2020 FOOTBALL SEASON.  **If you pay after JUNE 1ST (but must be paid by JUNE 14TH you will be assessed a $25 late fee that must be paid by June 14th as well***

Cheerleading cost this year -

Returning cheerleader $185 (Includes new shoes, bows, LMYFC cheer camp, cheer shirt, and pink socks as well as LMYFC league fee)

     ****Boyshorts, mid riff, jacket, shell, skirt, pants, pom poms - can all be purchased a la carte. 

New Cheerleader $315

  1. Cheer camp will start around mid-July.
  2. All cheer coaches must pass a background check.
  3. Financial Assistance is available for those that qualify.

Cheerleading fittings will be April 26th and May 31st from 8a-12p at Morrow Arts Center. 

**Please note, all football participants must be registered and paid in full by June 14th.  If you choose to complete your registration and/or pay off your balance after June 1st (but before June 14th) you will be assessed a $25 late fee which also must be paid by June 14th.**

Any questions, please reach out to us at

2020 Football Season Begins

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